• About Tally Renta Autos
Tally Renta Autos is a distinguished car rental company well known for its constant approach to stand out, provide quality service and foment local and foreign tourism. We have been in business for over 33 years, opening our doors back on June 11th, 1976. Our commitment to provide the best customer service in our field has led to the expansion of our company into other companies such as Hotel Tally, Cadena Radial S. A. and 5 other car rental companies.

On June 1st 1977, a pamphlet came out for the first time with the rates and vehicles that Tally Renta Autos offered back then. At that moment the cheapest daily rate had an initial value of Q. 8.00, which translates now to one American Dollar and the kilometer had a price of Q. 0.08 ($ 0.01), that was when the mileage counted. The sales tax or IVA commonly known amongst our culture, was at 2% and the vehicle deductible was Q. 200.00 ($ 25.00). We are speaking of course when the national currency El Quetzal was flat even with the American Dollar.

In the inserted photo to the right, you will find to the inferior left part the date when we first began distributing pamphlets. Tally Renta Autos also had a public parking lot, back then the monthly parking fees started $1.15.
7a. Avenida 13-74 Zona 13, Aurora I, Guatemala City Guatemala.
Phone Numbers:
Reservations: (502) 2261-2579 and (502) 2292-1473. Airport Office (502) 2261-2526 and (502) 2261-3631

Reservations: (502) 2261-2579 and (502) 2292-1473. Airport Office: (502) 2261-2526 / 2261-3631 - 7a. Avenida 13-74 Zona 13 Aurora I

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